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Chapter 1:
The 2P’s were following the two hooded figures, one with a white mask with thick black outlined eyes and lips, and the other with a black mask with a red frown on it...they were following them to the edge of the woods there was awkward silence between them until Al, the 2P of Alfred broke the silence, " ok! who are you and why the fuck are we here?!" he wasn't given a reply.

After a few more minutes of walking in the woods, they stopped by the two larges entwined trees that form some sort of gate, this time it was Matt who broke another minute of silence, "wait... we are gonna have to go in there don't play dumb with me-", he was cut off, his eyes wide with surprise after seeing the orange hooded figure put his hand through the hole and oddly his hand was like touching water... and the allies looked at each other with faces that seem unsure of what they should do, it's either to go through or not, but after a few seconds of deciding they jumped through and they got to a strange looking town that reminded them of Halloween town.

The masked figure tapped Al on the shoulder lightly and pointed a neat-looking apartment, Al assumed it was for them but what reason, the allies went into the building but Francois who is the 2P of Francis was given a letter and a map heading towards the school, he kept it in his pocket and went to tell the others.

Artie notices Francois walk in and asked, "Francois...what is that note on your pocket?", he asked pointing his finger on his pocket, Francois looked at his pocket and back at Artie and replied with an unamused expression "oh... this its a note from the hooded guy saying we need to go visit someone important at the school tomorrow", the rest of the allies were too tried and confused to discuss anything that has happened today, the important thing is that they are now glad to run away from the human world that hated them.

The next day Artie, Matt and Al were walking to the school, Francois and Nikolai were not at the age to attend school anyway, as they got in the school they noticed that the school was nice and clean but it had the atmosphere of a creepy haunted house. they went to the principal's office and they were wide-eyed to see a tall faceless man on the table, the man noticed them and gestured for them to sit down which they did, the man looked at Artie and said "So you must be the new ones that my proxies have brought here... oh and my name is Slenderman or one student in particular in this school calls me superior, now I understand that you are confused about the sudden happenings yesterday but I'll be here to explain it, first this is the realm of Creepypasta, this town was made from a child's dark side, though i can't tell you details but anyway you are here to study in this school and to live in this town from now on but don't worry you won't be here forever...", Matt looked at Slenderman and asked with a hint of annoyance, "what do you mean we won't be here forever???", Slenderman looked at Matt and replied, " what I mean is until you get your ID pass for entering and exiting the human world you will just have to cope with here for now, your classroom is a few steps to the east".

Artie nodded in understanding and they went out of the office, and after he got out someone suddenly bumped into him causing them both to fall down.

Artie's POV:
I got out of the office about to go to the assigned classroom I felt someone bump me, and I fell flat on my bottom, " oh dear I'm so sorry", I heard a voice that belonged to a woman or should I say more of a girl, I looked up and saw a girl about the age of 14 bowing her head in apology I got up and I said with a apologetic tone,"oh no poppet no need to apo..logize?...." I cut off my sentence cause the girl lifted her head and looked at me with her teary Topaz eyes but what is weird is that her hair had a color of blue, pink and indigo and she had a golden horn that reminded me of my 1P's unicorn and she had light pink pony ears, and she said in a hurry, "again I'm so sorry but I need to get to class bye!" and she ran, more like flew her way to the distance and disappeared from my view, and I looked back at Al and Matt who were both staring at the same distance as I was and Matt and Al said in unison "ok what and who the fuck was that?!" , then this time Al was talking, "ok first we got into a "Creepypasta realm" and next we see a girl with wings and a horn flying to class!? could this day get any worse?!", I ignored the fact of weirdness and we went to go to our class....

Phoenix's POV:
I flew straight to my class and jumped literally jumped in my seat and laid my chest on the desk trying to get oxygen in my lungs and I proudly said, "I Finally came...on time...", "Nope, you came to school late as always", I recognize that voice I looked behind me to see Jeff, Ziro's older brother he always liked to bug me or scare th daylights out of me. "Superior is not here yet.." I argued and then Jeff pointed to the clock and replied to me, "If the clock says so, it says so!". I looked at the clock and I stared horrified, I groaned as I slammed my face on my desk to think that I was gonna be early for once! I was gonna take out my sketch book until a knife was struck at my desk, " guess what Pony? if Slendy's not here then I still have a few more minutes off seeing you scared!" said Jeff darkly...I swallowed the lump forming in my throat and hid under my desk and started to cry, Jeff's desire to kill is getting stronger as he peeks under the desk and said, "Come on, Azure. You don't want to get hurt, don't you?", I looked up and said " J-Jeff you know that was my human name and you're supposed to call me Phoenix now..." with a cowering voice... then fate has turned for the better, Superior came in..

Slenderman walked in front of the table and announced, "okay Class we have new students and I would like to introduce them to you all but first Jeff... get back in your seat... now you may come in....." Slenderman gestured at the door and three teenagers...

End of chapter 1....
MarzyLovezKittys167 Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Is there going to be a 2nd chapter??? :3
SaphireAlicorn Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2013  Student Artist
yes but I am working on it on the weekends cause my school is on the way )X
MarzyLovezKittys167 Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2013  Student Digital Artist
ohhh I see :c
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